Xarelto & CBD Lawsuits

Patients who took Xarelto are filing lawsuits after the drug caused multiple injuries such as uncontrolled bleeding, for which no antidote is available.

If you or a loved one suffered from internal bleeding or other side effects after taking the drug Xarelto, you might be eligible for a large cash settlement.

Why should you file a Xarelto lawsuit?

Since Xarelto (rivaroxaban) received approval in 2011, Bayer AG and Janssen Pharmaceuticals (a Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary) made millions by selling this Novel Oral Anticoagulant to US patients. Xarelto is used to prevent blood clots and strokes in people who suffer from Atrial Fibrillation (Afib), Pulmonary Embolism (PE), and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). However, this drug is also very dangerous, as it may cause uncontrollable bleedings that cannot be stopped as there is no antidote available to reverse its effects.

Many people who were injured by the Xarelto side effects filed a lawsuit against the manufacture pharmaceutical companies Bayer, Johnson & Johnson’s and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, holding them accountable for the harm they suffered. Both Bayer and J&J, in fact, never warned patients properly about the medication’s risk. Filing a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Xarelto is the only way to get compensation for all the damages you have sustained, these can include emotional injuries, financial loss and even the death of a loved one. Plaintiffs principal accusations found in the lawsuit include negligence and failure to warn.

Xarelto & CBD Lawsuits

Why should you choose us as your Xarelto lawyer?

Over the years, our lawyers have been consistently winning cases for their victims, granting them the rightful compensation for all their suffering. Our lawsuit attorneys do really care about knowing a victims’ history. Every time a client asks for our help, we know that there’s a tale of pain and suffering behind it. We personally understand how heavy the burden of losing someone you love can be. Winning a lawsuit can help you cope with the financial draining caused by medical expenses, and most importantly, will ensure you will bring the pharmaceutical companies who harmed you to justice.

Our Law Group, has all the experience required to stand up against even the largest corporations, and our skilled personal injury attorneys have passionately fought their legal battles to defend the rights of injured people for decades. We will answer your call immediately, and we will provide you a legal consultation and help you evaluate your legal options for free and get you the highest injury settlement amount possible.

Xarelto & CBD Lawsuits

Why You Need Our Law Group Xarelto Lawyers

Medical bills and hospitalization expenses may become a burden so heavy they may ruin a family’s finances. Financial draining is often coupled by emotional stress, especially when one needs to leave his job to take properly care of a relative who’s been harmed by a drug’s complications. Filing a lawsuit could be a family’s last resort to pay their medical bills, and to receive a proper compensation for all their suffering and pain. It could also prevent other people from facing the same fate, as the FDA may issue a recall or, at least, force the pharmaceutical companies to change their marketing policies. Today there is no known standard lawsuit settlement amount for xarelto. Your final compensation may vary depending on the damage you suffered, and the types of injuries you had to sustain.

If you or a member of your family suffered an injury after using Xarelto, you might have legal options to ask for compensation. Are Law Group, we will provide you with the best-qualified attorney to provide assistance with your particular case. The right  injury lawyer may help you get the money you require to pay medical bills and other expenses. Our Xarelto injury attorneys are thoroughly trained and specialized in dealing with the dreaded Big Pharma. They know exactly what to do to grant you proper compensation for all your sufferings.

As first trial dates in the class action suit against the drug manufacturing company of Xarelto are set, the window narrows to submit a claim for an injury settlement. At the Schmidt National Law Group, we will provide you a free initial consultation to evaluate your legal options.

Xarelto & CBD Lawsuits